Flood-Ready Workforce Development Program

A 2018 labor market analysis conducted by Louisiana Economic Development (LED) and the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) found that heavy equipment operators are in high demand and are crucial to the success of flood recovery efforts. While the sector’s job growth and wages are projected to increase over the next 10 years, there is a lack of sufficient training resources to meet the labor market demand.

Program Summary

The Flood-Ready Workforce Development Program will provide Louisiana residents the opportunity to develop and enhance their skill sets while addressing market demand and future growth. This program will produce a better trained, better skilled workforce that delivers more resilient building practices, while ensuring that funded mitigation projects effectively reduce future flood and hazard risks.

In the Flood-Ready Workforce Development Program, OCD will partner with LWC to pay for training programs and resources that will aid disaster recovery and resilience efforts. Additionally, the state will provide resources for multiple workforce training, education, and/or certification subprograms that will address short-term recovery from the 2016 flood events. This program will benefit long-term mitigation efforts across Louisiana as the state implements its Louisiana Watershed Initiative Projects.

Program Resources

Flood-Ready Workforce Development Program Guidelines

Eligible Activity
  • Public Services, HCDA Section 105(a)(8)
  • Economic Development Assistance to For-Profit Business, HCDA Section 105(a)(17)
  • Assistance to Institutions of Higher Education, HCDA Section 105(a)(21)
National Objective Benefit low- to moderate-income persons
Program Budget $3,500,000
Geographic Eligibility FEMA IA declared parishes for Great Floods of 2016
Administering Entity State of Louisiana

Proposed Use of Funds

OCD will partner with the LWC and Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) to launch subprograms in support of increasing the supply of in-demand and job-ready heavy equipment operators statewide, providing good paying jobs, expediting recovery efforts, and addressing unmet infrastructure needs. OCD will provide funding and technical assistance and will award the full program amount of $3,500,000 to LWC with the intent of the funds to be categorized as public service. The funds may be used as economic development if needed.

Eligible Applicants

LWC will manage the program by providing funds to LCTCS to develop, expand and implement heavy equipment operator training courses.

Criteria for Selection

Participants must be a part of LCTCS, and the training program must be approved by LWC.

Method of Distribution

Funds will be granted by agreement to LWC who will reimburse eligible costs incurred by the colleges implementing the programs.