Gov. Edwards’ Statement on HUD’s Duplication of Benefits Guidance

June 14, 2019

Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards issued the following statement about HUD’s unofficial guidance on duplication of benefits, which was placed online Friday.

“We are reviewing the document HUD has posted online, which we understand is to be the final guidance, to determine the additional opportunities it provides us to help homeowners. Once HUD actually makes the guidance effective, the Restore program will begin the process required by the federal guidance to help those homeowners who have been waiting for so long for this help. The Restore team has been working diligently for months to prepare for this HUD guidance and will move to quickly communicate and take the next steps to aid homeowners,” Gov. Edwards said.

“We greatly appreciate the help of our congressional delegation and will continue to work with all members. To be clear, the guidance does not say state officials will be able to determine who will qualify for additional assistance from Restore. The unofficial guidance HUD issued this afternoon specifically states: ‘to reimburse costs paid with subsidized loans for applicants with incomes that exceed 120 percent of AMI when the grantee requests, and HUD approves, a hardship exception for the applicants.’ While we hope this guidance allows us to provide much needed relief to some homeowners right away, it is clear that we are still at the mercy of the federal government to provide the full relief.”

Last modified: June 14, 2019