The Program provides a reconstruction option for homeowners to demolish their flood-damaged home and construct a new residential structure. Homeowners may allow the Program to manage their reconstruction project under Solution 1 or hire their own Louisiana licensed and insured homebuilding contractor under Solution 2.


A homeowner may be eligible for reconstruction if they find themselves in any of the following situations:
  1. The flood-damaged home was demolished or unsafe to enter at the time of the damage assessment
  2. They received a condemnation letter or substantial damage letter from their local jurisdiction
  3. The relative percentage of the program repair estimate was greater than or equal to 80% of the reconstruction estimate


Reconstruction estimates are based on the total square footage of the eligible rooms of the original damaged home, excluding carports, garages, and porches. A reconstruction floor plan will be determined by the Program during the application process and communicated to an Applicant at Award Acknowledgement.

The Daisy - 856 sq ft The Rose - 1074 sq ft The Cypress - 1260 sq ft The Lilly - 1297 sq ft The Brookmont - 1421 sq ft The Dogwood - 1500 sq ft The Pelican - 1680 sq ft The Willow - 1702 sq ft The Magnolia - 2100 sq ft The Live Oak - 2102 sq ft