Public Comment Period Opens for Proposed Changes to State Flood Recovery Plan

August 10, 2017

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Office of Community Development opens a 14-day public comment period on Friday, Aug. 11 regarding proposed changes to the state’s recovery plan for the March and August 2016 floods.

Public comments can be made until 5 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 24. A copy of the plan is available here or by calling (225) 219-9600. After accepting public comments, the state will submit the plan to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for final federal approval.

Known as Action Plan Amendment 3, the changes would:

  • Expand Phase 1 of the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance program to include homeowners who had structural flood insurance
  • Expand funding for the rental housing program
  • Expand the FEMA nonfederal cost-share program
  • Develop watershed modeling plans for areas impacted by the 2016 floods

In addition, the changes would allow the state to provide temporary or permanent assistance to families seeking to relocate from high-risk, repetitive loss areas to lower-risk areas, either on an individual or community basis.

With the rental housing program, the proposed changes would update the definition of affordable rents within Restore Louisiana’s Neighborhood Landlord Rental program, which seeks to increase the state’s supply of available and affordable rental housing.

To meet the unmet needs outlined in the Action Plan and APA 1, the state has amended the FEMA Public Assistance Nonfederal Share Match Program to allow for match activities for all eligible FEMA programs requiring a state or local match. This program will work with eligible entities to pay the nonfederal share cost of the disaster cleanup and recovery efforts. The program name was changed from the FEMA Public Assistance Nonfederal Share Program to the FEMA Nonfederal Cost Share Program.

The first step in identifying the structural and non-structural infrastructure necessary to protect the state from current and future flood risks as part of its overall recovery is to engage in watershed modeling and planning. The state has created a program to develop watershed modeling plans for the regions impacted by the 2016 floods.

Members of the public can submit comments several ways:

The funds are part of $1.7 billion in Community Development Block Grant disaster recovery dollars that HUD allocated to Louisiana for recovery from the Great Floods of 2016.

Vietnamese: Muốn biết thêm chi tiết về Kế Hoạch Hành Động, xin gọi số (225) 219-9600 hoặc viết về địa chỉ điện thư

Spanish: Para más información sobre el plan de acción, llame al (225) 219-9600 o email

Last modified: August 10, 2017