Restore La. Progress Updates: Repairs, Reimbursements, Application Intake

July 13, 2017

Recovery from last year’s historic Louisiana floods reached an important milestone this week as reconstruction work is underway through the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance program. Crews have begun work for Phase 1 participants who either chose a qualified home building contractor through the program or on their own, and reimbursements continue to be distributed to Phase 1 homeowners who have completed repairs on their own.

Also, because of the availability of additional funding, the Restore Louisiana program is now able to expand the eligibility criteria to include Phase 1 homeowners with flood insurance, provided they meet other eligibility requirements.

Nearly 2,700 homeowners statewide have qualified so far for the first phase, and applications have now opened for homeowners in Phase 2 and are being opened for Phase 3.

Two new homeowner assistance centers have opened in Lafayette and Hammond. Those, along with two others previously opened in Baton Rouge and Monroe, are available to help all flood-impacted residents complete program applications, as well as the initial survey that is a required first step for homeowner assistance.

To date, approximately 31,400 homeowners have completed the state’s initial flood-damage survey, a required first-step that helps the program determine a qualified homeowner’s phase.

The survey does not require any paperwork, though some documentation is necessary at the application step. Completing the application requires photo identification, along with the most recent income tax return forms for each adult household member or a signed IRS form 4506-T granting approval to request a tax return.

“The housing centers are a great resource for all flood-impacted families,” says Jon Mabry, head of the flood recovery effort for program manager IEM. “These centers connect homeowners with a case manager to help throughout the recovery process.”

Homeowners affected by either the March or August 2016 flood are urged to complete the initial survey, regardless of whether they believe they will qualify for assistance. The survey provides critical information about ongoing recovery needs, and it helps the state demonstrate additional needs to Congress.

Last modified: July 13, 2017