• The Louisiana Office of Community Development launched the Restore Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Program in mid-2017 in response to the Great Floods of 2016.
  • We launched our program, began processing applications, and got funding to homeowners faster than any other federally funded homeowner repair program in history.
  • The program has offered over $668million in grant funds to assist more than 17,200 homeowners with repairs, reimbursement of repairs, or reconstruction of their homes.
  • The program survey period closed on October 1, 2018 and the application period ended on November 16, 2018. All homeowners closed on their grant agreements by July 31, 2019.
  • As of August 30, 2022, over 45,400 applications have been processed, all SBA hardships have been processed, and 100% percent of program award determinations have been made.
  • As of August 30, 2022, the program has completed a total of 17,254 construction projects. 99.9% of the repair projects have been completed for homeowners who chose to use program contractors. Only 8 homes remain to be repaired or reconstructed by the program contractors and 20 homes remain to be completed by homeowners using their own contractors.
  • Now that the Restore Louisiana program is wrapping up, the focus of the OCD Disaster Recovery Homeowners team is shifting to addressing the needs of homeowners across the state impacted by Hurricanes Laura, Delta and Ida and the May 17, 2021 Severe Storms.
  • The Louisiana Office of Community Development is also funding a variety of infrastructure and watershed improvement projects that will reduce flood risk across Louisiana and create more resilient communities including drainage and infrastructure improvements, flood control and storage projects, as well as several buyout programs that incentivize homeowners to relocate to areas of lower flood risk.

Program Stats

Program stats are updated on a weekly basis and are rounded to the nearest ten.


surveys submitted


application invitations


applications processed

Grant awards offered to


homeowners totaling


Homeowner Spotlight:

Charles Ballard

“Restore did a real good job,” Charles said. “I am completely pleased and thankful for everything they did for me.”

Homeowner Spotlight:

Jalacy Lewis

“When nature takes over, it’s a blessing to have programs like Restore, and I thank God for the assistance it provided my family.”

Homeowner Spotlight:

Deborah Franklin

“I think Restore is a wonderful program.”

Homeowner Spotlight:


“It was just a blessing.”

Homeowner Spotlight:

Mario Garcia

“It’s an awesome program.”

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Program Manual

The program manual is Restore Louisiana’s way of communicating policies and procedures of the Homeowner Assistance Program to the public. If you’re curious about any facet of the program, the program manual will answer your questions. Click the button below to access the document!